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Relocation Information

Look what $249,000 will buy in White County
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Relocation Information
Moving to White County? We can help.
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Ready to Relocate?

Looking for the perfect place to retire? Quaint small town, with great schools, a wonderful sense of community, plenty of recreational opportunities, excellent health care and a very high quality of living at an affordable cost.


  • Centrally located in the southeastern United States
  • Within a one day drive time of the major population centers on the East Coast
  • Located within a 15-minute drive of I-40 by 4-lane highway for east to west movement
  • Located within a 45-minute drive to I-24 by 4-lane highway for movement north to south


  • Home of the award-winning Upper Cumberland Regional Airport
  • 6,700 foot runway with an ILS approach; and two separate high-tech GPS approach systems
  • Rail service by short line railroad at selected sites


  • Availability of a trained mature workforce
  • Right to Work State


  • Low tax state with no state income tax
  • Local taxes below the national average


  • Local tax abatements
  • Low interest loans and training assistance

Health Care

  • Excellent rural community hospital with numerous physician specialties within county
  • Life Force Medical Helicopter stationed at the local airport


  • White County Schools committed to meeting the needs of the 21st Century
  • Schools meet all guidelines established by the federal No Child Left Behind legislation
  • Test scores rank consistently above national and state averages
  • Approximately 75% of the teachers hold advanced degrees (beyond Bachelors Degree)
  • Post secondary options include: Motlow State Community College in Sparta, Tennessee Technological University, a four-year engineering university, as well as several additional community college options within 30 miles.


  • Mild climate with four distinct seasons


  • Abundance of natural resources for outdoor activities including hiking, horseback riding, boating, fishing, hunting and related activities
  • Two state parks within county, six state parks located within 30 minute drive, wildlife management area, state natural area, top waterfall and hiker destination
  • Center Hill Lake with boating and fishing opportunities, and more than 30 golf courses within a 50-mile radius

Crime Rate

  • Low crime rate, well below the national average